1. She LOVED having her picture taken
  2. She would ONLY drink out of my bathtub faucet and she would meow like CRAZY until someone would turn it on for her
    Even if it was 4:30 in the morning
  3. She would sleep right next to my face every night
  4. She would rub up against my legs any time she saw me crying
    I was def crying when I took this pic
  5. She was majestic as FUCK
    I took this 2 days before she died and she still looked like a goddamn QUEEN
  6. She was so curious and would always want to walk through an open door
    This caused her to escape for 3 days one time. She also spent a couple nights in the garage because of her curiosity. But curiosity didn't kill this cat! It was kidney failure.
  7. There was a little storage box that she would curl up and take little naps in
  8. She was OBSESSED with hair ties. They were her favorite toy
  9. She had a resting bitch face, but she loved people and attention
  10. This is the last picture I took with her
  11. This is the last picture I took of her
  12. She still loved me even though I tortured her when I was little
  13. She stayed the same cat until the bitter end
    The day before she died she used every last ounce of her energy to sit on top of my homework, she meowed for the faucet, she desperately tried to catch a fly, she played with a hair tie, she tried to eat everything except for her own food, and she slept right next to my face.