Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Sandwich
    Falafel sandwich with extra lettuce and two sides of hot sauce (my regular at Beirut Cafe)
  2. Alcoholic beverage
    Cheap Merlot, cheap beer, and cheap liquor. I'm in college and cheap alcohol just feels right!
  3. Starbucks order (normal cup)
    Dirty chai with coconut milk
  4. Movie
    Heavy dialogue. Either full I dumb jokes that have people saying "you have to have that sense of humor to find it funny", or extremely philosophical and think-y leaving you in an existential crisis at the end. Regardless, high words-to-action ratio.
  5. Movie watching snack
    At home: air-popped popcorn COVERED in Cayanne pepper or Tajin. At the movies: kids pack with lemonade
  6. Brunch
    Vegan migas made with crumbled tofu, zucchini, tomatoes, scallions, black beans, bell peppers, corn, potatoes, black olives, and nutritional yeast. Served with avocado, salsa, hot sauce, and corn tortillas or tortilla chips.
  7. Scent
    Anything with the word 'amber' in it.
  8. Vacation
    A road trip with a few friends. We see all of the free or cheap things. We stay at the place of someone we know or we just crash in the car (sleep. Not actually crash the car). We spend most of our money eating and most of our time talking, laughing, and figuring out the world.
  9. Friendship
    Hours of conversation where we're both trying to figure out our thoughts as we're speaking, silences that aren't awkward, and some of the worst jokes you'll ever heard in your life. No matter how good of friends we are, I'll ALWAYS be nervous to initiate conversation, so we might spend a while not talking. But once we start talking again, it will be like we never stopped.
  10. Day off
    Cooking elaborate vegan meals, taking a long walk and listening to podcasts (if weather permits), watching too many episodes of a cooking show about desserts, thinking "I should write" but not doing it, watching movies I watched when I was in elementary school (mostly Disney channel originals).