97% of these are writing based, 5% are communication based, 2% are math based
  1. Writer/editor for The Onion/Clickhole
  2. Writer for a sitcom
  3. Writer for a children's show
  4. Feature writer or copy editor for a cool hip niche magazine
  5. Writer for SNL
  6. Doing literally anything for The New Yorker
  7. Accredited essayist/author
  8. Sugar baby
  9. Social media manager for any company/nonprofit/organization/whomever is willing to pay me
  10. Fact/accuracy checker for a TV show
  11. Working in the communications department for a nonprofit
  12. Stand up comedian
    For this one I would actually have to write stand up which I'm not too sure about
  13. Interviewer for a (preferably comedy oriented) show
  14. Feature writer for The Rolling Stone
  15. Throwing all of my education out of the window and joining an indie punk band