1. I'm at a party
  2. And I don't know who lives here
  3. I'm drunk
  4. On alcohol that I don't even like
  5. And alone in the kitchen
  6. Listening to a Kanye playlist
  7. Wishing someone would talk to me
  8. But hoping that no one does
  9. I see someone I recognize
  10. And I'm avoiding them
  11. The air smells of weed
  12. And the Corona that someone broke on the floor
  13. My cheeks are hot
  14. But my arms are cold
  15. In the short sleeve dress I wore to look pretty
  16. My purple lipstick transferred to a shot glass
  17. And my lips are dry and pink again
  18. White people are dancing to BBHMM
  19. And I just took a shot out of a mug that says "GOOD MORNING"
  20. This isn't what I like
  21. Give me a good friend
  22. And a season of cupcake wars
  23. And some more Jack Daniels
  24. And let me have a different college experience
  25. Would I have had any less fun if I stayed home?