Written at a funeral ⚰
  1. When someone you're close to dies, you end up talking about death a lot
  2. Death makes everyone around emotionally vulnerable
  3. (Personal observation) it's easy for me to dress for funerals since I own so much black
  4. Everyone will still respond "ok" when asked how they're doing even if they're not, in fact, "ok"
  5. Everyone wants to be brave
  6. Jokes about death really help in a dark way
  7. Funeral flowers smell different than wedding flowers
  8. Hymns can be replaced with country songs in Texas
  9. Everyone is looking for an opportunity to laugh
  10. Hugging is a medicine
  11. Everyone forgets that bad stuff from the recently deceased
  12. Celebrating life is truly the best way to handle death
  13. Everyone becomes astronomically more faithful
  14. Even a poorly written eulogy will bring an entire church to tears
  15. Small talk at a funeral weighs 1000 lbs and everyone can feel it on their chest