1. Send me the funniest picture on their phone
  2. Have them explain their favorite inside joke to me
  3. Send me a picture of the most adorable baby animal they can find
  4. Have them send me their favorite emoji
  5. Have them play a game of online Mad Libs and send me the finished product
  6. Have them tell me their best joke
  7. Have them send me a YouTube video they were obsessed with in junior high
  8. People generally get happy helping others, and I love seeing others happy
  9. By asking others to send me these things not only do they get the satisfaction of knowing that they genuinely lifted someone's spirits
  10. But they also get to revisit some of their most hilarious/adorable pictures and memories
  11. I thrive off of seeing or picturing them scrolling through their camera roll and digging in their memories for something that will make them smile and laugh
  12. Plus I get to see/hear the funniest/cutest things, too.