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Basically all the topics you just don't want to get me started on.
  1. Musicals
  2. My bat mitzvah
    Although I would love nothing more than to burn all picture evidence there are still images out there
  3. My family
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My wisdom tooth removal went WAY far south so to get myself as far away from my own world as possible I watched countless really good and really bad movies.
  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (x3)
  2. Fargo (x2)
  3. Borat
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Last Wednesday I got my wisdom teeth removed. This was my first time going under anesthesia and my teeth were impacted so I was fairly nervous. A lot of my friends recently had theirs removed and barely swelled/had no problem healing. This has not been my experience, just about everything that could go wrong has.
  1. Sometimes you can't give a fuck
    I was in Rite Aid two days ago and the medication (Oxycodone) I was given for the pain effected me so badly that I fell to the floor and just had to lay there on back because I was too weak to get up, while people stared. (Rite Aid has nasty floors)
  2. Be grateful for all the times you've been healthy
    I know this sounds really cliche but for a week I haven't slept through the night without waking up in tears from shooting pain so I'm very nostalgic for the pre op days.
  3. The gift of ice cream is invaluable
    You can't put a dollar amount on the thoughtful gesture of brining ice cream to a bedridden and swollen girl
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For when less is more
  1. All You Can Eat
  2. Seventy Percent Off Sale
  3. Save water, shower together
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My guide to El Niño
  1. Do: Get every blanket from every room in your house and make yourself into one big burrito
  2. Do: Watch every movie you've be wanting to but have put off due to responsibilities
  3. Don't: Go for a run/to the gym
    This is your free pass. It never rains in LA so if you work out on the majority of the days it doesn't rain then you're cool to sloth around all day
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Most of these are kind of old but new to me. If you think of anywhere that would peak my interest suggest it!!!
  1. L.A. Love & Leashes
    A pet little shop in The Westside Pavilion mall that rescues animals from high kill shelters to give them a second chance.
  2. Making A Murderer
    When I'm not binge watching Nancy Meyers movies you can find me screaming at my computer screen while watching Making A Muderer. Same thing goes with The Jinx. You guys are really lucky I didn't have this app when I watched The Jinx.
  3. Gjusta
    After reading high praise about this spot on the lists of @bjnovak and @bonnietsang I checked it out, it lived up to my expectations and then some.
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I wasn't in the mood to stand in a crowded club and wait for a When Harry Met Sally final scene moment. @chloemills and I figured there was no better way to ring in the new year than with a picnic on my kitchen floor with some of our favorite cuisines from around the 🌎. It took some time, patience, and💲 but was worth it. I'm still in a food coma.
  1. Spicy Vodka Fusilli
  2. Shrimp Pad Thai
  3. Honey Walnut Shrimp
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@chloemills always knows what to get me, she's probably the best gifter I know. Her gifts are creative, thoughtful, interesting and most of all unexpected. For a belated Hanukkah present Chloe got me Liz Climo's hilarious book Lobster Is The Best Medicine and I laughed out loud at nearly every page. These are the highlights...
  1. Unlikely friendship
  2. 🐳
  3. 🐍
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  1. 🙈
    This is my #1 companion. I use it whenever I don't quite know what to say. It doesn't have an exact emotional direction so it leaves a lot of room for inference, which I love.
  2. 💯/✔️
    It's more exciting than "yeah " or "me too"
  3. 💘
    It's probably my favorite heart emoji
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Even if some of them may be true... I don't care what your study shows. Please just don't.
  1. "Sitting is the new smoking"
  2. "Nutella has a lot of nutritional value"
  3. "Sugar is worse for you than cocaine"
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