My guide to El Niño
  1. Do: Get every blanket from every room in your house and make yourself into one big burrito
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  2. Do: Watch every movie you've be wanting to but have put off due to responsibilities
  3. Don't: Go for a run/to the gym
    This is your free pass. It never rains in LA so if you work out on the majority of the days it doesn't rain then you're cool to sloth around all day
  4. Do: Sleep and snug all day!
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    Find someone else to join in your blanket burrito💘 (and ignore all responsibilities)
  5. Do: BATHS!!!!
    AND READING BOOKS IN BATHS!! (I know this is cliche but it's also lovely)
  6. Do: Eat your fridge empty
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    You can go to the market tomorrow when the rain stops
  7. Drink hot cocoa ALL DAY.
    Suggested by @erikaaa