My sister is convinced we are stuck in the great depression. These are some of the fights we've gotten into since she came home on Thursday, along with the crime and disproportional punishment. I hope you find the same humor in them that I do. (It's a love/hate thing)
  1. I ate all of raspberries in our fridge
    She told me she hopes I die
  2. I walked too loudly
    She told me she didn't know how I got by in life or how I had friends
  3. I showered
    She said she has dibs on showering first, rolled her eyes, sighed really loudly and slammed the door
  4. I ate all the sashimi
    She called me a "stupid pig" and stormed out of the room
  5. I ate all of the spaghetti squash
    She's refused to speak to me since (time: 2 hours and counting)
  6. I asked her where she was going
    She told me she wouldn't tell me and I wasn't welcome.
  7. I used too much of "her" face wash
    I won this because it turned it to be mine