Today was cold and rainy, and I was rather tired but these little moments were so lovely
  1. Saw a boy give a girl flowers and watched her gush
    Honestly, this probably made my week and made her year 💘
  2. The restaurant below my apartment put up incredible holiday decorations
  3. Helped a lost foreign elderly couple find their way
  4. Dogs are now wearing coats because of the weather which makes me disproportionately happy
  5. Was given really exciting products at work
  6. Carolers were out and singing in full force
  7. My shopping experience
    I was tired and cranky and annoyed that my kids were not listening/trying to touch every single object in the store. However...every person we passed smiled at me and the cashier was so warm and friendly that it turned my day around.
    Suggested by @DG
  8. Starbucks hot chocolate and comfy Ugg slippers on a chilly night 💕
    Suggested by @Donna9174
  9. Today's my mom's birthday, so even in the rain, the day was bright. P.S. Love this list 💫
    Suggested by @Deanndre
  10. The cutest little boy
    Asked me to help him find his mom at whole foods today because he was lost and the smile on his face when he finally saw her could have lit up my heart a million times over
    Suggested by @preethikann
  11. i found this restaurant
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    Suggested by @katrinahope
  12. One of my patients told me I was doing a good job, and that he could tell I really love my work. So nice to hear on a stressfull day! (p.s. great list!)
    Suggested by @mystorrud
  13. Watching my daughter run to me with open arms yelling "daddy!"
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    Suggested by @danpowers
  14. I stumbled into a new tea shop where they were so kind and gave me a free cup of White Pear tea. Warmed my hands and my heart.
    Suggested by @Katherine_Gage