1. Sneaky food theft
    Taking full/inappropriate advantage of sampling privileges
  2. Jaywalking
    You're not actually going to hit me
  3. Talking my way out of a ticket
    Possibly a ticket for jaywalking or for blasting my music too loudly that it's "hazardous" (this has really happened) but I always managed to get out of it unscathed
  4. Taking sugar packets from restaurants
    I'm 80 y/o at heart and I'm not apologizing for it
  5. Taking extra napkins with your takeout food and keeping them in the glove compartment for emergencies 🙈
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. Taking the People magazine from the doctor's office. 👀
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  7. Acquiring tools to add to my makeup collection
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    those detached mascara wands serve many purposes.... nars' are great: exactly like the ones in the mascara tube, color and all.
    Suggested by @gialappe