(Not ranked)/very bias
  1. John 'O Groats
    Probably had my first meal here, probably will have my last meal here. #bisuitsfromheaven
  2. Yang Chow
    You'll probably see a Laker/Clipper, order the slippery shrimp and thank me later.
  3. Bigg Chill
    Not because it's trendy
  4. Tito's Tacos
    I love Tito's too. (Worth the line 10/10 times)
  5. Mozza Pizzeria
  6. The Apple Pan
    A tuna melt and fries and banana cream pie
  7. Sasabune sushi
    No atmosphere but great quality fish. Similar to NY's Tomoe
  8. Alameda Market Place
    All stands in a parking lot: pupusas, puppies, massages, ice cream, and tattooing all in one place
  9. Dupars
    Only from 2am-5am
  10. South Beverly Grill
    Best veggie burger. Best fries.