1. To look "sexy" in a matching Juicy Couture track suit
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    When Paris Hilton was the pinnacle of all things hot
  2. Speed boat
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    When I was 12 my neighbors were selling their speedboat and every day I begged my parents for it, as my bat mitzvah gift. I have no idea how to drive boat and didn't think about learning. I just thought it would be cool to own.
  3. An industrial ice cream maker
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    I asked for this for my bat mitzvah after my parents said I couldn't get a speed boat. For the small price of $8,500 I can still fulfill a childhood dream.
  4. Everything Marc by Marc Jacobs
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    No matter how ugly it was, it was SO "cool" in middle school
  5. Tiffany & Co charm bracelet
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    Another Bat Mitzvah staple