Most of these are kind of old but new to me. If you think of anywhere that would peak my interest suggest it!!!
  1. L.A. Love & Leashes
    A pet little shop in The Westside Pavilion mall that rescues animals from high kill shelters to give them a second chance.
  2. Making A Murderer
    When I'm not binge watching Nancy Meyers movies you can find me screaming at my computer screen while watching Making A Muderer. Same thing goes with The Jinx. You guys are really lucky I didn't have this app when I watched The Jinx.
  3. Gjusta
    After reading high praise about this spot on the lists of @bjnovak and @bonnietsang I checked it out, it lived up to my expectations and then some.
  4. Big Man Bakes
    DTLA bake shop gem. The "big man" actually works there and is a sight. He is no less than 6'7 feet tall and has a bellowing voice that sounds like a Pixar character. The cupcakes are really great too!
  5. Jon & Vinny's
    Spicy vodka fusilli was the last food I ate in 2015 and first food I ate in 2016. Which ended and started my year on a perfect note.
  6. Kazu Nori
    Created by Kazunori Nozawa, sushi guru and genius behind Sugarfish. Kazu Nori has the same Sugarfish flavor without the major wait and steep meal ticket. Very casual.