1. 1.
    Producer at WGN Radio
  2. 2.
    Intern at WGN Radio (Even with the 4:30 am start time, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I had so many new and invaluable experiences which kickstarted my radio and storytelling career. Let's leave off the part where they began to pay interns a month after I was done! BE AN INTERN!)
  3. 3.
    Theater Camp Counselor
  4. 4.
    Box office manager* for an independent theater company in Chicago (*My boss once asked me to pretend I was an intern for a day, so as not to upset the woman who's job I had taken. Oops.)
  5. 5.
    Box Office in my home town (Even if one of my coworkers is a high schooler...that place is filled with art and suburban dreams coming to fruition.)
  6. 6.
    Professional cryer**
  7. 7.
    Professional diaper changer**
  8. 8.
    Professional mall bathroom toilet cleaner**
  9. 9.
    Professional garbage diver**
  10. 10.
    Barista x 2 (**I added more fake jobs before this one, because being a barista absolutely blows. Especially after completing 5 years of college, it just feels like crap to be yelled at about milk temperatures and scones. TIP YOUR BARISTA, and remember that they are HUMANS!)