1. Yogaglo
    A+ best online yoga subscription
  2. Snapchat
    A friend posts the exact same breakfast every.single.day, occasionally mixing it up with a different berry (blue or black) or including a breakfast meat (usually these sausages). He once didn't have it posted so I made sure he was okay. He snapped back from the toilet zooming in on the stove heating his oatmeal.
  3. Instagram
    This is where my sister and I exchange cute baby and dog videos. I am also an artist, sue me.
  4. FWFG
    This was an accidental lapse in yoga judgement. While I love YWA, I didn't feel the need for the membership since most of her stuff is on YouTube, BUT I WAS SO WRONG. The app is great, Adriene is great, yoga is great.
  5. Overcast
    Okay, I HATE this app, but I like it more than the Podcasts app and I like podcasts so I'm stuck with it. Does anyone have anything better they use??