1. Brownie
    My first edible ever was a brownie and it got me so high that I legitimately thought I was going to die, but in a very overly-theatrical way. Sidebar: I enter my husband into random contests because he always wins and he won a portrait session from JCPenny the same day we ate the brownies. I cried when we got to the mall and he didn't get his picture taken.
  2. Candy
    Made by an old coworker. They were pineapple flavored and gave me a nice, relaxing body high. I went through them too quickly.
  3. Oatmeal cookie
    I straight up do not remember this night. The last thing I do remember is that I was on a date and my husband (then exbf) was there and my date placed a cookie in front of me and apparently told me to eat 1/4 of it and I ate the entire thing. I had to bike home across Austin, lord helped me find my way.
  4. Brownie
    This one doesn't taste at all like an edible, which I guess is a good thing, but I am so at ease right now. Super great because my stepson is here and his dad is working 😑.