Sorry guys, no pessimism today!
  1. I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! I am so excited! My baby sister has always been the "grown up" one and it was the best surprise ever. I'm crying again just thinking about it!
    She is tiny, her husband is hairy like a bear. I hope she has a puppy.
  2. We are moooving! I know what you're thinking, but no, we are just moving into our own apartment again. #citylife. Houston anyone?
  3. I haven't eaten sugar in three days, nor have I had alcohol and coffee.
  4. Static
  5. Get the keys to apartment today!
  6. Perfect moving weather (thanks Texas) 🍃⛅️
  7. Static
  8. PLANTS!
  9. I find out tomorrow if I am having a niece or a nephew. I HOPE it is a girl because I love baby girls and we need less men in this world.