I'm available if they are.
  1. Oscar Isaac
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    [thinks about Oscar Isaac flying an X-Wing for 10-forever minutes]
  2. Ed Sheeran
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    Hey Ed remember that time we sort of semi-met? I'm still waiting for that Facebook friend request, and also to spend the rest of our lives together.
  3. Major from iZombie
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    I've had this picture on my phone for a while now. And it's just..........
  4. Nicholas Hoult
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    Those Jaguar ads, man. But if he wants to get back together with Jennifer Lawrence, I support that. I just want them to be happy.
  5. Chris Pratt
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  6. BB-8
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    Droids before boys.
  7. Brent Morin
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    Hey Brent, remember me? Probably not because I think we purposely avoided each other while working at Conan. Anyway. You were pretty cool. I had a crush on you back in 2009 so obviously I avoided you every day. I really like Undateable.
  8. Zachary Levi
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    Always and forever.
  9. Chris Evans
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    lol remember that time I chased him across the Magic Kingdom parking lot?
  10. Oscar Isaac
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    Oh whoops how did he get on here twice.
  11. Logan Echolls
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    Fictional. So what?
  12. Darren Franich
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    This is my intellectual crush. He writes for EW. He tweeted at me once and I freaked out for an hour. He tweeted about his gf the other night, and I wallowed for an hour. Now he's Twitter picture shows he has a beard and it is 👌
  13. 80s/90s Harrison Ford
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    If anyone has a time machine, call me.