I actually hate dressing up.
  1. Sam the Eagle
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    After much thought and consideration I think he's my favorite Muppet. And I love his patriotic jokes. All I really need is a blue shirt and blue pants and an American flag.
  2. Powerline
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    I had a Powerline costume for this year. I wore the top half of it (the shirt). But the costume thing-y I was going to wasn't even a costume thing, and I have a fear of showing up in full costume when no one else is dressed up. But I wore the shirt. That's what matters. I've got to try this again.
  3. Gadget from 'Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers.'
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    But do you know how hard it is to find a purple jump suit?
  4. Slutty ghost.
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    Never not funny.
  5. Boo
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    So I once actually tries this. My dear friend Kevin will tell you ALL ABOUT IT and how I basically ruined Halloween. It's a long story involving a sad purple pillowcase. I think he's still mad about it, and this happened in 2011. All I've ever wanted to be is Boo, but IN her monster costume. One day.
  6. Something involving clever wordplay.
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    Like that Dumbledora the Explorer.
  7. Buzz Lightyear
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  8. A great couples costume.
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    JK I take that back. That sounds like the worst.
  9. Brittany the Chippette
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    The Chipmunk Adventure is a really weird movie but also a really great one. Maybe I could talk two friends into being Jeanette and Eleanor. I'd actually like to be Eleanor more. But I can only be Eleanor if I can get someone to be Brittany and Jeanette.