Do we still make Eminem jokes about stuff like this?
  1. Roughly 30 drafts of my senior thesis script, in varying stages of editing.
  2. Some 16mm color film. Because, of course.
  3. One Green Lantern comic.
  4. All my film notebooks BUT Film A&A and I don't know where that one went because it's my favorite and if I lost it to the void I'll be so sad.
  5. A box full of Disney pins
  6. A bunch of Disney princess preschool toys. They are mine. Not for a child.
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  7. A cupcake blanket.
  8. A Haunted Mansion pillow.
  9. A crate full of Mr. Potato Head pieces
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  10. TWO sets of 3lb weights
  11. A giant dinglehopper.
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  12. A framed picture of baby Rachel Kaplan
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