It's been a fun 24 hours
  1. A flight to Los Angeles.
  2. Another flight to Los Angeles
    Because I had to cancel the first one. Also have not purchased a return flight home yet.
  3. Two tickets to see Force Awakens opening night.
    10:00pm showing, 12/17
  4. Two more tickets to see Force Awakens opening night.
    Kinda panicked, and bought two more tickets at a completely different theater for the 7pm showing.
  5. Another pair of prescription sunglasses.
    Buying glasses online is becoming a problem for me.
  6. This shirt.
    C7ea31c5 6884 48c0 b3f8 4ca874536807
  7. This shirt.
    945a8382 8297 40ee b88d ce936a16b754
  8. This shirt, too.
    25ad5234 9efa 456c 8f91 2f1686dbe561
    So I've also got a problem buying tshirt online, OK?
  9. A loaf of Italian bread.
    Do you ever just really want to eat a whole load of bread? I do.
  10. Medium dark roast ice coffee with caramel syrup, cream, 2 sweet n' low.