My parents went away for a few days and kindly asked me to house/dog sit for them. Anything to spend a few days with the dog. But it's kinda terrifying to be alone in a big old house all by yourself for five days with only the dog. Especially when the house is in the middle of the woods on a big hill.
  1. This is fun!
  2. But could there be a murderer in the basement.
  3. Is the murderer in the attic?
  4. Is the murderer possibly be on the back deck that wraps all the way around the house?
  5. Why didn't I have my parents check for murderers before they left me all alone.
  6. Do people know I'm all alone in this house.
  8. Did I shut the garage door?
  9. Will my mom notice if I eat this ice cream right out of the container?
  10. But like that noise, thou.
  11. Why is the mailman a dick.
  12. Seriously the mailman is a dick he left the Mail on the hood of my car WHO DOES THAT?
  13. What happens if a water pipe bursts while I'm here all alone. I'm not adult enough to handle that.
  14. Did I turn the oven off?
  15. I didn't even use the oven today. But did I turn it off?
  16. Will the spider I just found leave me alone for three more days till someone can come and kill it for me?
  17. How do you make dinner.
  18. Should I order a pizza?
  19. What happens if while I'm getting in/out of the shower I slip and fall and no one finds me for three days and the water just keeps running and running and then my parents are pissed about a huge water bill.
  20. But seriously what was that noise.