Boy I am fickle
  1. Teacher
    Ballet, art, piano, any kind really. I think at that young age I associated teachers with power hahaha
  2. Doctor/ nurse/ therapist
    Any healthcare provider , this is embarrassing but I fantasised about taking care of this guy I had a crush on (he had a fever) I was like 9 🙃
  3. Interior designer
    I wanted to be my mom, she was pretty and cool hahha I still want to be her
  4. Pop star/ movie star
    Preferably both hahha and only Disney stuff because I was a normal child
  5. Director
    They had the REAL power (according to my mom)
  6. Lawyer
    I watched legally blonde.
  7. Architect
    Seemed like the easy way out hahah (my dads an architect)
  8. Plastic surgeon
    Cos Um money
  9. Investment banker
    Anybody with lotsa BANK
  10. Neurosurgeon
    Greys anatomy -.-
  11. Advertising person
    Marketing any corporate thing la thought that's what I was good at (CLEARLY NOT, thank you mommy for your advice)
  12. Cardiothoracic surgeon
    I did an attachment at IJN and was inspired
  13. Imagineer
    I went to Disney Paris and Disney dreams was on! 😭
  14. Mulan
    Disney Face character, still sounds like the best job in the world
  15. Intensivist
    Pat tan. Hahha also I want to eventually go into palliative care