Transcending Social Media Platforms: Snapchat meets

Because who needs a camera app when you have Snapchat
  1. Political Piercing
    a college liberal rebelling from her privileged Republican upbringing
  2. After four months I've successfully learned the cleaning schedule of Catherwood Library's maintenance crew.
  3. They call me Weintraub. Rachel weintraub.
    Isn't the overlap of the R and ILR School text kinda bugging ya??
  4. Practical gag gifts
    👽👽 doppelgänger
  5. College Groceries
    Avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, lemons...
  6. Snap Happy
    I guess this is what I look like to other people 75% of the time (the other 25% is me taking selfies)
  7. Conspiracy Theory
  8. Who wore it better?
    Henry is our 12 y/o adopted Maltese who has five teeth and one good eye. Come and get him bitches !! (I can say that bc Henry is heterosexual and on the prowl for a female partner 😉)
  9. When football teams are both sexist and racist !!
  10. All this $$ is blocking my view of the glass ceiling