These are not in order because my brain doesn't work that way.
  1. Complaining for A Cause
    Aka: secretly hoping someday someone important will here my complaints and be able to do something about them.
  2. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Eating
    Aka: I didn't want to have to buy that food, but my body needed sustenance, so here I am out $7 and full of greasy sandwich.
  3. To Catch A Bus
    The story of how the bus always arrives as I'm getting my luggage from the baggage claim, and I'm forced to wait another hour for the next bus.
  4. Flying Hat
    Or, why I always insist on bringing a wide-brimmed hat on every flight I take.
  5. A Rotten Teacher's Pet
    The story of how I love being a student and embarrass myself in front of every teacher I love.
  6. Essaypalooza
    Just ask me what the worst part of college was. I dare you. *chugs coffee*
  7. Coffee Shop Goldilocks
    When one coffee shop closes early, there's always another just waiting for me. ✨
  8. #PostgradLife
    Navigating big life changes like a full time job, scattered friend group, and graduate school applications.
  9. The Annual Summer Depression
    Most people get some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the dead of winter. I get it in the summer.
  10. I Know It Seems Like Forever, I Know It Seems Like An Age...
    Battling poor mental health is exhausting and time-consuming, tbh.
  11. The Second Half of Every Year Sucks
    Idk, it's a rule or something.
  12. New Year, New Meesa
    I for one am pro-symbolic fresh starts!