2017 goalz y'all ✨
  1. Milk Makeup: Matte Bronzer Stick ($24)
    I did say that I'm done trying to actively be matte, but if it happens to be so, I won't fight it. I'm in it for it's stickly nature.
  2. Milk Makeup: Highlighter Stick ($24)
    It's about time I learned how to contour and highlight my baby face.
  3. Milk Makeup: Holographic Stick ($28)
    Tbh I just want to try all the sticks. This one sounds especially adventurous and I for one am down for that in 2017.
  4. Milk Makeup: Blur Stick ($36)
    I do not like foundation anymore and I am down for anything that gives me a lil bit of coverage without feeling heavy.