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Sometimes I have to remind myself. 🤗
  1. It's okay to be sad.
    Just let yourself feel sad.
  2. Give yourself grace.
    It's easy to feel like you need to hurry up and get over it. Pick yourself up, move on. But you don't. You're allowed to feel sad for as long as you need to, so don't be hard on you.
  3. A good cry always helps.
    Seriously. Just get it out. You might need a couple.
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Based of coffee (duh), food and atmosphere.
  1. The Well
    This is my staple place. Cozy atmosphere, a good amount of plugs for working, and delicious creamy coffee (the pic is a George carver latte. Basically a Reese's cup in coffee form). It's across from Lipscomb University and at times, the students annoy me but also makes me feel cool and super established. And I'm like HAH! Sucks you have an exam in the morning. Ahh, college.
  2. Fido
    I LOVE Fido. But while they have delicious coffee, I definitely go there for the food. I thought about the banana nut pancakes for hours after I ate them. Their grilled ham and cheese is upgraded by fresh apple slices and an apple ginger jam (I could be wrong on that but regardless, delish). Turkey and Brie? ( pictured) A 10. Grilled chicken on a bed of sweet and regular potato hash? Drooling. The only beef I have with them is inconsistent wifi. They turn it off during busy times.
  3. Bongo Java
    This place used to be my weekend go-to, but it's not ideal for work. Atmosphere is great. Coffee's on point and I appreciate that they don't overload their bagels with cream cheese, but it gets a tad loud and echoey. Plus their wifi is shoddy at best. Still worth the almond milk latte tho.
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Inspired by the list from @tedfox
  1. 1. 🧀
    God knows how long we waited for a cheese emoji. Never not No. 1
  2. 2. 🍩
  3. 3. 🍕
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  1. Iced vanilla latte from Crema and an hour spent journaling and reading
    All on sale of course
  3. A tasty dinner catching up with a friend AND a Skype sesh with a college gal pal.
    Keep those friendships strong y'all.
People freak out about most of these, but I'm not in a hurry. Maybe I'll get around to watching them eventually?
  1. E.T.
  2. Gone With the Wind
  3. Star Wars
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I laugh every time.
  1. What was left after the cheese factory burnt down?
    Only de-Brie.
  2. Why did the cowboy get a wiener dog?
    He wanted to get a long little doggy.
  3. What do you call a fake noodle?
    An impasta.
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  1. Guy just came out and was wearing really intense blue-rimmed glasses. I can't tell if they're real glasses or goggles...hybrid? Gloggles? 🤔
  2. It's a leap year!
    I just remembered. How did that even start? Who decided to gip February on days in the first place? Need to google later.
  3. Ate leftover Brussels for lunch. Still impressed with myself. They were bomb Brussels.
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From last Monday to today, here's what I can't stop listening to.
  1. Trillo Talk by Wild Child
    Their song "silly things" was a close second.
  2. Ditchdigger by Tyler Lyle
    THANK YOU Spotify discover weekly!!!!
  3. Genghis Kahn by Miiike Snow
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  1. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
    Also the Rufus Wainwright and Lindsey Stirling versions.
  2. Once in Royal David's City by Sufjan Stevens
    All the Christmas feels.
  3. Sailboat by Ben Rector
    Such a beautifully written song (as all of Ben's are) that just hits me in the emotional gut, especially when I'm having a shitty week.
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