Based of coffee (duh), food and atmosphere.
  1. The Well
    This is my staple place. Cozy atmosphere, a good amount of plugs for working, and delicious creamy coffee (the pic is a George carver latte. Basically a Reese's cup in coffee form). It's across from Lipscomb University and at times, the students annoy me but also makes me feel cool and super established. And I'm like HAH! Sucks you have an exam in the morning. Ahh, college.
  2. Fido
    I LOVE Fido. But while they have delicious coffee, I definitely go there for the food. I thought about the banana nut pancakes for hours after I ate them. Their grilled ham and cheese is upgraded by fresh apple slices and an apple ginger jam (I could be wrong on that but regardless, delish). Turkey and Brie? ( pictured) A 10. Grilled chicken on a bed of sweet and regular potato hash? Drooling. The only beef I have with them is inconsistent wifi. They turn it off during busy times.
  3. Bongo Java
    This place used to be my weekend go-to, but it's not ideal for work. Atmosphere is great. Coffee's on point and I appreciate that they don't overload their bagels with cream cheese, but it gets a tad loud and echoey. Plus their wifi is shoddy at best. Still worth the almond milk latte tho.
  4. Steadfast Coffee
    This place will cost you a chunk of your paycheck (they make their own almond milk and it's not cheap) but it is WORTH IT. I ate their savory porridge the other day, which has garlic, kale, mushrooms, a poached egg and some amazing creamy cheese. ONE OF THE BEST THINGS IVE EVER EATEN. Please. Just look at that picture. It's pretty hipster and minimalist, but I will be going back for that porridge for sure.
  5. Frothy Monkey
    I like the atmosphere here a lot - cozy, good amount of plugs, excellent people watching, in an awesome part of Nashville. Coffee is good, but not amazing. Their oatmeal is off the hook though.
  6. Crema
    Some of the best coffee in Nashville imho. They make their own coconut almond milk and it's DELICIOUS. Unfortunately I don't have a pic, but just trust me on this one. 👍🏼☕️