Essentially the shoppable land of misfit toys, but for things lost on planes and trains. More on losing things, losing people, and finding god at UCB by Stephie Grob Plante:
  1. A turtle shell
  2. A xylophone whose black box is marked
  3. NEIL DIAMOND in white chalk
  4. A homemade model of the HMS Surprise
  5. A pair of giant drumsticks made out of a yard of solid wood
  6. A helicon tuba, circa 1909
  7. A leather-bound French newspaper from 1934
  8. Antique Finnish skis
  9. A WWII-era Japanese Samurai sword
  10. A vintage 8mm film collection containing The Dwarves Dilemma, The Jetsons, World Without Sun, and NBA Highlights 1970
  11. A pair of McDonald's Golden Arches
  12. A 43-karat raw emerald that appraised at $32,000
  13. A human-sized papier-mâché Tinkerbell
  14. A unicycle
  15. A live snake, found in the side of a duffel bag.