From the Central Coast to Catalina, we've rounded up nine great local spots within a three-hour drive—or a quick chopper ride, if you really wanna get fancy—away from LA. Links + deets:
  1. Paso Robles: Hotel Cheval
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    Take a road trip along the coast to Paso Robles and check into modern Mediterranean-inspired Hotel Cheval, a 16-room boutique spot not far from the vino-obsessed city's historic town square.
  2. San Luis Obispo: Madonna Inn
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    Hole up at the Madonna Inn for the ultimate visually-stimulating stay. For about $1200 per night, enjoy a fairytale horseback hilltop trail ride, a one-hour couples massage, and more.
  3. Santa Barbara: Belmond El Encanto
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    For coastal Cali retreat that's out of county lines but just a short drive a way, head to picturesque Santa Barbara and settle into one of the luxurious Belmond El Encanto's relaxing bungalows.
  4. Ojai: Ojai Rancho Inn
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    Nestled off the 33 in Ventura County, Ojai is a historically bohemian roadsite hotel that offers maximum relaxation with stunning mountain views.
  5. Big Bear: Pine Knot Guest Ranch
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    Warm up in one of nine cabins at the Pine Knot Guest Ranch, a two-acre resort that offers a barn with llamas and bunnies, sledding during snowy seasons, and in-room jacuzzis and fireplaces.
  6. Joshua Tree: Pioneertown Motel
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    Chill in the desert at Wild West-themed Pioneertown Motel, located just 15 minutes away from the bohemian oasis of Joshua Tree, this cozy Western lodge's 18 rooms each feature their own "unique and kitschy" charm.
  7. Palm Springs: Le Parker Méridien
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    In addition to its luxurious on-site spa, this desert hot spot also features the five-star comfort foot spot Norma's, a swanky mini-bar, two pools, and a host of preppy outdoor sporting areas.
  8. Catalina Island: Hotel Metropole
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    For a low-key getaway from the mainland, hop on a ferry or a chopper to Catalina's Avalon.
  9. San Diego: Hotel Del Coronado
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    Don't let spooky stories deter you from enjoying a luxurious stay at the historic Hotel Del Coronado, a legendary landmark built in 1888.