Gwyneth Paltrow has evolved Goop from a weekly newsletter into a full-service media company that teaches us how to *live our best life*. We recently stepped inside Gwyneth’s world. Here is what we learned. For more BTS intel, read the full story:
  1. The Goop offices are in a barn.
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    A beautiful barn that sits in a picturesque LA Canyon, of course. There is a color-coded bookshelf and a spiral staircase.
  2. The staff refers to Gwyneth as GP for short.
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    She also signs off on basically everything, including the incredibly popular weekly newsletter. Bonus: The staff recipe-tests in Gwyneth’s kitchen.
  3. Everyone admits that dealing with all the hate can be hard.
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    As Goop’s editorial director puts it, the internet “wants to bring Gwyneth down to her knees.”
  4. The newsletter has close to a million subscribers and counting.
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    That Gwyneth magic ✨
  5. In fact, Goop is credited with starting the newsletter revolution.
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    First sent out in 2008, Goop has paved the way for @lenadunham's Lenny Letter and so many others.
  6. Next up is a Goop beauty line.
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    A six-piece all-natural skincare collection will launch in January. The site has already executed collabs with Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, and Band of Outsiders.