Beyond the gumbo, jazz, and the anything-goes bacchanal that is Mardi Gras, the Big Easy is a treasure trove for contemporary fashion, vintage shops, and some of the best meals and cocktails in the country.
  1. EAT: The Pressery
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    A chic juice destination that introduced cold-pressed beverages to New Orleans. Packed with fresh, organic coconut water, almond milk, green and root vegetables, every juice (and flavored water) is made in-house.
  2. EAT/DRINK: Peche Seafood Grill
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    This sea-obsessed restaurant was awarded Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation (the first NOLA restaurant to snag the distinction), putting its crawfish bisque and entire gulf fish expertly roasted in hardwood fire on everyone's radar. The drinks are fantastic, too, especially the La Paz Negra, a refreshing cocktail featuring a smoky mezcal.
  3. DRINK: Cane & Table
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    This French Quarter bar focuses on proto-tiki-style drinks, which are essentially tropical cocktails from the Caribbean with influences from Spain, Africa, and Asia. The bourbon-based "In the New Moon's Arms" is the perfect summer drink: light, fresh, and comes with a parasol.
  4. SHOP: Loomed
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    A shop chock full of handwoven textiles. The brightly patterned towels, scarves, and blankets sold in this uptown shop are all made with chemical-free silk and certified-organic cotton from Turkey.
  5. SHOP: Exodus Goods
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    With Solange Knowles behind it, you know that this French Quarter boutique is nothing less than a major fashion outpost. This shop is known for its bright, wildly printed and directional clothing that it stocks from brands you may not have heard about yet, like Calle del Mar, William Opko, and Perks & Mini.
  6. SHOP: The Stacks
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    SHOP: The Stacks This art and design bookshop had outposts inside Sterling Provisions in Marigny and Church Alley Coffee Bar in Central City before consolidating everything into the latter. Expect to find coffee-table-perfect collectables, whether it's a hard-to-find international design magazine or a retrospective on the works of photographer Diane Arbus.
  7. SHOP: Lili Vintage
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    This decade-old vintage nook has a weekly changing inventory of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The boutique offers a wide-range on its racks, from extravagant Mardi Gras ball gowns to the iconic Pucci shift dresses from the 1960s.
  8. SHOP: Friend
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    This sleek storefront is the premier menswear destination in town when it comes to contemporary clothing (it's an especially great spot for hard-to-find labels). Pick up slim-fit abstract-patterned shirts from Cuisse de Grenouille, denim jackets from A.P.C., and trunks from Saturday Surf NYC.
  9. SHOP: Avery Perfume Gallery
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    The teeny-tiny Arts District outpost of this international fragrance empire was actually its first American location when it opened in 2011. The selection of perfumes leans toward cult brands with heavy price tags, which can be rationalized if you're on the hunt for that one signature scent.