It's not all waves and babes. Consult the list below for a look at the city's can't-miss boutiques and poolside bars. Links + location deets:
  1. SHOP: Barrio Vintage
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    You'll find everything from retro Hawaiian print shirts to stunning '60s evening gowns at Barrio Vintage, which recently opened a new location inside the Historic Mark's Building.
  2. SHOP: Owens & Company
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    This bright boutique is great for giftable home goods and small decor items that'll fit snug in your suitcase. The well-stocked mix includes Delphine pants, Samudra tees and clutches, Turkish towels, and the perfect Aloha necklace.
  3. SHOP: Surf Garage
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    The best place in town for progressive boards and gear that's for sale and rent, depending on your level of commitment. Classic surfwear brands like Toes on the Nose, HippyTree, Captain Fin, and an in-house label round out the options.
  4. Shop: We Are Iconic
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    Hawaiian blogger and former Miss Hawaii Teen USA Emma Wo credits this boutique with some of her favorite closet staples. Find cool kid brands—like Cameo, Tylie Malibu, Lovers and Friends, and Paper Denim & Cloth—lining the shelves at this Ala Moana spot.
  5. Shop: Ginger 13
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    Head to Ginger 13 for jewelry from local designer Cindy Yokoyama. She specializes in statement, one-of-a-kind mixed-stone necklaces, but also stocks delicate designs, like smaller druzy pendants.
  6. Eat: Kaimuki Superette
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    Grab a bite at this new farm-to-table sandwich joint that boasts a menu infused with local ingredients. Try a grilled lemon lemonade (you read that right) and pair it with the South Shore He'e Roll, or a Sloppy Jose.
  7. Eat: Waiola Shaved Ice
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    No true Hawaiian day in paradise is complete without shave ice. This local favorite uses small-batch homemade syrups for all the flavors on its robust menu, which include Hawaiian specialties like Haupia, Li Hing Mui, and Melona.
  8. Hang: The Modern
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    In a sea of tourists, The Modern is a hip reprieve. Change into something waterproof and sidle up to the locals at the hotel's pool bar. When the sun goes down, make like a pro and head to The Study, another bar that's located in the lobby behind a bookshelf door.
  9. Hang: Paiko Hawaii + Brue
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    A floral shop/coffee bar hybrid is the best place to fuel a big day ahead. Order an espresso (made with beans from the California-based Verve Coffee Roasters), then browse the selection of local and exotic plants while you wait for your order.
  10. Eat: the pig and the lady
    Order the pho and the asparagus/burrata dish and the "ticket to ride" cocktail!
    Suggested by @laure
  11. Ahi Assasins for seared ahi plates! Closed Sun Mon Tue because they are out fishing.
    Suggested by @scoutregalia
  12. EAT: Lucky Belly
    Amazing Ramen, and a cool, vaguely Portland-like vibe.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr