These all crossed my mind today.
  1. Option A. Complete my BA by this time next year and enter the work force and effectively adulthood.
    I am relieved and terrified by this idea.
  2. Option B. Get my Masters and become an actual honest-to-goodness Therapist by 27!
    Terrified, but at least I would know my career.
  3. Option C. Someone sees me in an airport or mall and discovers me. Then I am famous.
    I am utterly charming and a reoccurring guest on Conan. He and I will have an excellent report. Best episodes ever.
  4. Option D. A wealthy beautiful man comes and rescues me from all this mess.
    I am a feminist so this idea makes me feel guilty. Maybe he comes and rescues me but loves Hillary Clinton and respects my opinions. He loves that I'm crude and defensive. "It's cute that you burn the Mac n cheese."
  5. Option E. I write for SNL.
    Not a clue how to begin this life path. And I'm scared of New York. Maybe I can be Skyped in from Reno.