...not including people I have seen in concert, that doesn't count.
  1. Kaley Cuoco
    She was getting in line for the Cars ride at California Adventure, I was getting off. Two ships passing in the night.
  2. Ted Nugent
    At a restaurant called Ted's in Denver. I disagree with nearly everything that Mr. Nugent stands for; but, I was 11 and hadn't reached my full liberal potential.
  3. Maybe, The Grouch
    Getting a bagel with his family. I have also seen him in concert.
  4. John Stamos
    I was Minnie Mouse at Disneyland (ok are all of these stories Disneyland stories?) and he had a private meeting in Minnie's house with his friends for half an hour. We just took a ton of pics and hung out. He was kind and 1000x more handsome in person. His friends were nice too.
    Suggested by   @emilyannlosey
  5. Liam Hemsworth;
    Rode in elevator with 🙃 i also drove his car. Hollywood is weird.
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  6. Lisa Marie Presley
    At LAX many years ago
    Suggested by   @alimi
  7. Patrick Swayze
    At The Wherehouse or Tower Records on Fairfax in LA
    Suggested by   @alimi
  8. Steve Perry and I guess the whole band Journey, but I only knew him
    I was about 6 so it was around 1980 in a Howard Johnson motel restaurant in Newbury Park one morning at breakfast and my older sisters dared me to go over to his table and kiss him. I declined but I was, however, brave enough to ask for his autograph. He was kind I remember. And looked exactly like he did in pictures an MTV.
    Suggested by   @alimi
  9. Bruce Jenner
    He was very much still Bruce at this point. It was in '83 or '84 at a marathon my dad was running. This was way before anything Kaitlin or Kardashian had happened. I have pics somewhere!
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  10. Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Eating dinner at a super low-key Italian family restaurant in touristy South Haven, Michigan. And later the same night at Dairy Queen. We brushed shoulders in the narrow hallway to the bathroom and he gave me a courtesy head nod. My husband and brother-in-law were super jealous.
    Suggested by   @ebsquared
  11. Dixie Carter
    She also happens to be my arch nemesis, so this was not a happy encounter for me. Maybe that's a list for another day.
    Suggested by   @theranman
  12. Sandra Bullock
    (& Jesse James, bc this was back when they were married, but ugh.) I was working as one of those horrible people who ask you if you have a minute for the environment (#desperatetimes); we were near a Starbucks in San Diego & she & Jesse were grabbing coffees on their way to Mexico. They stopped to talk to us. She was so nice it was kind of unreal, & like 8 million times more beautiful in real life.
    Suggested by   @nelle
  13. Edward Norton
    I was working as a barista at an Argo in Manhattan. He came in with a friend, ordered something, and when I asked for his name for the cup, he looked at me like I was the stupidest person in the entire universe & said very loudly & slowly, 'Umm...Edward?!' I thought he was just a random dick until my coworkers started freaking out about him being there. A few weeks later I read an interview where he said he loved NYC bc he was so anonymous & it still makes me laugh sooo much.
    Suggested by   @nelle
  14. Gisele & Tom Brady
    Story is too long but she was super nice and told me my son was cute so of course I love her. Didn't speak to Tom but he seemed cool too.
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  15. Hulk Hogan
    At the nightclub Pure Nightclub (no longer exists) Las Vegas like 12 years ago
    Suggested by   @kate81
  16. Bill Murray
    He's part owner of the minor league baseball team here in Charleston and I saw him at a game once. I said "Hi Bill"and waved from my seat and he waved back. You really don't consider yourself a Charlestonian until you have your Bill Murray siting.
    Suggested by   @thesting
  17. Bruce Willis, Conan O'Brien, Jeff Goldblum, David Beckham, Mike Tyson, Bill Murray, Slash, John Stamos, Dan Aykroyd, Adam Sadler, Melissa McCarthy, Donald Faison... And so many more
    There are perks to living in LA if you like seeing celebrities. This doesn't include the probably 100+ that I have had the pleasure of working with and hanging out with.
    Suggested by   @stephaniehail
  18. Alexis Bledel & Vincent Kartheiser
    Mill City Farmer's Market next to the Guthrie in Minneapolis. He was in a play at the Guthrie and they were just hanging out before he went in. Just a couple doing their Saturday morning thing. She took pictures with people who asked; Vincent said my baby was cute.
    Suggested by   @ebsquared
  19. Jerry Rice
    He did a meet and greet at a mall in the CA Central Valley when I was 8 years old. Such a happy memory.
    Suggested by   @jazzdcurlyfries
  20. Bill Nye
    My friends and I were near Washington Square Park and saw him doing some little interview thing on camera so we were like "whoa Bill Nye but he's so busy let's wait" so we waited and when he was done we waved at him but he looked away so we were like "um ok he didn't see us?" so we walked over and played it cool and were just like "oh hey we waved nice to see you" and we was like "yeah I saw" and rode away on an aqua bicycle and that's it
    Suggested by   @paulus
  21. Usher
    In a restaurant (On the Border) across from the mall of Georgia. Many years ago. Probably 2007ish.
    Suggested by   @ljsee
  22. Beyoncé and Jay Z
    Years ago, was having brunch at Bubbys in lower Manhattan. Sitting at a window facing outside and suddenly everyone waiting outside started looking up the street a few started walking that way. People inside started staring and wondering what was going on. Then I saw them. I am from Texas and wasn't ashamed. Grabbed my phone and took pics subtlety. They came in and ate in a back area and when they left, they just sauntered up the street. So exciting!
    Suggested by   @J_Mo
  23. Morgan Freeman
    It was at Le Colonial in New York. It was late and the restaurant was clearing out when a Morgan Freeman appeared from a table in the back with his posse (there was a bald man in a pink suit). I reached my hand out and said, "I'm Maggie Locker. I love your work." I was 18 and tipsy from a piña colada.
    Suggested by   @maggielocker
  24. The Obamas
    White House Christmas party
    Suggested by   @maggielocker
  25. Gary Oldman
    I work in the industry so maybe it's unfair that I have a mental list of the celebrities I've met. The down to earth and most fun to work with/be around: Gary Oldman, Dane Cook, Christian Slater, Liam Neeson. When I asked Gary for a pic, he put his arms around me and then said: "You smell like candy. Why do you smell like candy?" I said "I think it's my body lotion. It's almond scented". That smile, though - Tough to beat! I'm smitten as you can see. 🤓
    Suggested by   @MadeinBrazilNYC
  26. Gillian Anderson and Rowan Atkinson
    Probably the most famous of who I've met? GA and RA were at the Johnny English Reborn premiere in Sydney. Got a photo with GA and an autograph, spoke to Rowan (caught on film!) and was too starstruck to ask for more though I did get an autograph. Found out after I gave said autograph to a (now ex-) friend that he rarely signs. 😒 Met Gillian again at a con. She's lovely.
    Suggested by   @kaitmaree
  27. Jazz pianist & MacArthur Fellow Jason Moran
    I played a gig with him once in Houston, TX through a set of bizarre circumstances. It was an incredible experience!
    Suggested by   @Jazz
  28. LL Cool J
    My friend and I were new to LA (like a few months here, and we actually met at a different temp job so we were new friends too). We were working a temp job at Paramount (we were stand-ins for their 100th anniversary photo - I was Claire Danes), anyway we were leaving the lot and all of a sudden locked eyes with LL Cool J coming out of a trailer (probably for NCIS: Los Angeles). He smiled, and he has a great smile, and said "hello, ladies" we swooned and have been milking the story since.
    Suggested by   @linzamauve
  29. Zooey Deschanel: we share an optometrist!
    Suggested by   @notoriousMEG
  30. Meryl Streep
    I waited on her once, got her order wrong, and I'm pretty sure she cursed my acting career because of it.
    Suggested by   @brockbiv