There is a recent trend in Facebook, completely nonsensical minion memes. Let's all remember that they DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH! Also they are from a children's movie that has nothing to do with your work life.
  1. What does this have to do with a minion?!
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    These are my BIGGEST Facebook pet peeve. Every day at least one rolls through my timeline.
  2. And this?
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    Minions never mention being sexy. They are sexless cartoon characters.
  3. Never has a minion said this.
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    I'll admit I kind of like this one. It makes so little sense that it works a little.
  4. This has a Star Wars element, so that's new.
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  5. I would like to know the context in which this was made...
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  6. BONUS: Here's a snowman one
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