I have actual anxiety problems that are in no way related. Do not take my use of "neurosis" to mean anything offense. This is meant to be a fun forum for strange food rules. Please add your own!
  1. I can't have fruit touch any other food- including other fruit!
    The thought of a fruit salad is ridiculous to me! Strawberries in an actual salad? Nope! Cranberry sauce? Hell no! Banana split? No way! Even banana bread- can't have it. Pumpkin bread is fine because it's a squash. I'm not claiming that this makes sense. Strawberries touching chocolate is good... No clue why that's the exception to the rule. 😕
  2. Check every box of mac n' cheese for weevils.
    Found one weevil ONE TIME, and I still check every box.
  3. Soggy bread makes me gag.
    Thinking of the texture now makes ever hair on my body stand up. Same goes for soggy tortillas. 😫
  4. Grape tomatoes.
    Another texture issue. The seed and juice to tomato ratio is far too high. Can't handle it. Strangely enough, I can eat them if they have been cut in half long ways. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Mayo.
    Can't smell it. Can't even look at it. 😷😷
    Suggested by @daniellesmale
  6. I'll gladly eat frosting off a cupcake, but not off a regular slice of cake. they could be the same exact flavor and it wouldn't matter. I don't have a real reason/explanation for this..
    Suggested by @treezus
  7. When I make a sandwich the condiments CANNOT touch the cheese. I've had to get over it when I get a sandwich at jimmy johns or wherever, but in high school I would flip out at my dad if he put the cheese and mustard next to each other.
    Suggested by @evak
  8. Seeing someone drink their cereal milk makes me nauseous. Absolutely disgusting. 🙅🏻
    Suggested by @migmags
  9. Raw onions...blek blek. Plus you burp onions for about 14 hours afterwards.
    Suggested by @penguinchrissy
  10. mashed potatoes
    it's the texture// how they look// everything. I can't.
    Suggested by @aesthetic