Make no mistake, my phone and car are at the top of this list. But I want to seem cool and alternative. I'll list: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place.
  1. The movie poster from "Labyrinth"
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    I bought this for my sister at a garage sale, then kept it for myself. Sucks for you Mandy. If this tore I would weep, then hit Amazon to replace it immediately.
  2. An physician's grade Rorschach Test
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    My birthday present to myself! Next to my pets-I would grab this if there were a fire! I see a lot of pelvises and should probably talk to someone about that...
  3. A skill from The Bodies Exhibit
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    Formerly of Las Vegas. I went for my 21st Birthday. Buying this skull was the only decision I made that weekend that wasn't an utter mistake.
  4. White Fox and Skunk Skull
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    (Respectfully) One of the many collections I started with hopes it would grow. Right now I've maxed out at two skulls.