1. Peeling off your socks after a long day of hiking.
  2. A perfect bite of hot brownie and cold vanilla ice cream.
  3. Coming home to a enthusiastic Dog Hug.
  4. Coming home from camping and having a shower!
  5. When you get to work in the morning and see someone walk in with a big pink box.
    It could be donuts or cake- it's something baked as delicious!
  6. Taking off high heels after a night out.
  7. Further more, after a long night out- taking off your uncomfortable clothes, putting your hair up, and putting on those ugly sweats you don't let anyone see that are sooooo comfortable.
  8. Flossing and getting something out of your teeth that has been driving you crazy.
  9. Getting some one the PERFECT present and watching them open it.
    It's a plus if you're in a group of people giving gifts and you clearly won!
  10. After a swim, lying on your stomach and feeling the drops of water evaporate off your skin.
  11. A scalp massage.
  12. Coming inside after shoveling the snow in your driveway and there is already tomato soup and grilled cheese made.
  13. Walking in your apartment after a long day at work and taking off your bra
    Suggested by   @kate81
  14. The dishes are done and now ahhh, you can down on the couch with your phone and the remote
    Suggested by   @AileenRR
  15. Getting house warming presents from friends overseas
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf
  16. Taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon
    Suggested by   @AMR
  17. Snuggling up with a book, hot drink and blanket on a cold and wet day.
    Suggested by   @CoolStoryKlo
  18. Taking off an underwire bra
    Suggested by   @ashepinnell