The trick is simple, use the below phrases. No order necessary just sprinkle them into whatever you're saying.
  1. Globalization
    Lesser "developed" countries becoming like first world countries. It's also a term foe outsourcing.
  2. Intersectionality
    How one issue ties into another, everything in this field does. The term applies everywhere, you can't loose!
  3. Ideal Male
    What men "ought to be" decided by society.
  4. Semi-Periphery
    2nd world country, like India. These are used by countries but also use other counties.
  5. Marxist Dialectic
    End with this phrase and you will win Sociology. It just means in two contradicting ways of thinking, one idea will push against another until one idea wins or there's a compromise. Boom! When you mention Karl Marx you will conquer nearly every adversary. Lots of people act like they know what Communism truly is but have no idea so they are quick to agree.
  6. CONGRATS! You've taken a Mini Sociology Class. Enjoy putting your pseudo-intellectual cousin to shame after Thanksgiving dinner.