1. Alien Ant Farm
    "Smooth Criminal" with the video with the light up side walk block party.
  2. Oreo Cakesters
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    What happened to you?!
  3. My childhood and sense of wonder
    One day I was suddenly a jaded adult. "Oh the miracle of life-that's neat."
  4. Squeeze-Its
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    Tastes like the 90's. Koolaide has a version that leaves much to be desired.
  5. Community
    I understand that it's on Yahoo now, but the cast is different.
  6. Jelly Shoes
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    Pair them with flood pants or your Easter dress. So versatile!
  7. Kate Moenning
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  8. Jell Pens
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    I could color on my skin with them and create my own personalized turtle tattoo
  9. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
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  10. The Boomerang Channel
    Had all the classic cartoons!
  11. Papa Roach
    I happened to see them when I was in Vegas-hammered- on my birthday.