Girls Rule!

A list of some of our favorite jewelry brands designed by women in honor of Women's History Month.
  1. Tanya Farah-inspired by her heritage, Tanya Farah has an affinity for translating vivid and dimensional influences from timeless textiles, embroideries and motifs that are reminiscent of the ancient temples and palaces of her ancestry.
  2. Gumuchian- The Gumuchian family has been synonymous with quality diamonds for five generations but these women bring a whole new world of expertise, passion and innovation to the art of jewelry design.
  3. Armenta-the desire to design jewelry came from Armenta's imagination as a child when learning about gemstones. As she got older her strong creative impulses grew as well, driving her imagination wild with the expressiveness that can be revealed through jewelry.
  4. Ippolita-Ippolita is known for its fresh, fashion forward and colorful aesthetic that incorporates a diverse group of material.
  5. Dana Rebecca- known for its handcrafted, luxurious and sophisticated design, Dana Rebecca is a reflection of third generation jewelry designer Dana Gordon's personal style, world travels and dedication to creating stunning and timeless jewelry.
  6. Elizabeth Locke-Elizabeth draws a lifelong fascination with antique heels of the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans as she creates her own neo-classical hand-made 19k jewelry.
  7. Monica Rich Kosann-inspired by her visits to flea markets and antique shops where she collected vintage lockers and other pieces of jewelry, Monica created her own collection of lockers, charm bracelets and jewelry to hold what is most precious to all of us...our memories and images of our family and friends.
  8. Temple St. Clair-with an artist's eye and explorer's heart, Temple fashions rare colored gem with distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos.
  9. Penny Preville-her signature style is defined by femininity, luxury and an eye for intricate detail. Her collections strike a balance between elegance, fashion, innovation and "wearability"
  10. Phillips House-playful irreverent high fashion design and a classically chic aesthetic.
  11. Zoe Chicco- her philosophy is that jewelry and accessories are the personal touches that make women feel special.