I've been realizing recently how many songs that make me think of specific scenes in movies when I hear them
  1. Here Comes the Sun (The Parent Trap)
    This movie has a lot of sentimental value to me. Tbh I get emotional every time I hear this song because it gives me nostalgia of watching this scene as a kid 😢 http://youtu.be/xO71f5j343k
  2. Beat It (Zoolander)
    Should this iconic Michael Jackson song remind me of the scene where Derek and Hansel have a walk-off? Probably not. But it always will 🙄 http://youtu.be/8720XS-pquc
  3. Peace Train (Remember The Titans)
    I had this soundtrack as a kid and listened to it on repeat. But the scene that has always stuck with me is when Peace Train plays while Julius is walking to meet Gerry's mom for the first time 😭http://youtu.be/Z3qv9h08f0Q
  4. Love is a Battlefield (13 Going on 30)
    This movie was v formative for me as a preteen http://youtu.be/MlkBb0nibFE
  5. Right Round (The Wedding Singer)
    I watched this movie all the time on tv growing up! This song always reminds me of the opening credits to the movie. http://youtu.be/C0P5fP5KO1w
  6. Little Bitty Pretty One (Matilda)
    Literally cannot NOT do the nose wiggle and dancing when I hear this http://youtu.be/vzgaSIEWc_A