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So basically i live in a dorm with two of my roomates
  1. Well, my roommate have lots of junk on her bed
  2. Taking a mirror selfie because that mirror is in front of me
  3. This is our locker
Things to do this week
  1. Marketing Communication exam on Wednesday
  2. Digital Marketing exam on Friday
  3. Replacement class on Thursday evening
5 more...
  1. I really need a calming song to be on bed cause i've been so tired and i need to get off reality
  2. Cause i love this kind of picture to set as my wallpaper
  3. And this indian food kinda nice and im looking forward to give it a try when im going to Kuala Lumpur next month?
  1. I turned 21(well im glad i get to live wee)
  2. Guess who just wishes me on my birthday? @jeffstinco I wont forget this ;-)
  3. I love green but when its wet after raining im not a fan