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  1. Some bar
    I don't remember the name. Had a beer with Eric and his family
  2. Some other bar
    Gay bar. We'd ditched Eric's parents at this point. I don't recommend dragging a suitcase around in the city
  3. Dollar pizza!
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  1. Alex Guarnaschelli
    She's usually the dissenting voice on Chopped, but you just know she's right. This lady is a boss ass bitch. She recently became an Iron Chef and she's so ambitious that her daytime show (which is part of her job) is called Alex's Day Off. Truly an inspiration.
  2. Alton Brown
    A nerd's nerd. AB created what is arguably the greatest Food Network show of all time. His method focused approach to cooking has become my personal approach. Plus, he loves film and has even produced music videos for REM. We just won't talk about what's happening in NC.
  3. Remy
    Gotta add the Lil' Chef himself! This rat has a heart of gold. It's his ratatoullie that makes him famous, but his friends love him for his earnestness and sense of humor.
  4. Giada DeLaurentis
    Recently divorced. Would bang.
  1. I ate too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos™
  2. I took a nap and my room was hot so I got kind of sweaty
  3. I forgot that I need water to keep being alive
  4. I'm abstaining in solidarity with the state of California
For @stephaniecoloratura's inspiration
  1. English Vowels Ranked By How Good I Think They'd Be At Sports
  2. Favorite Grocery Store Aisles
  3. Top Ten Famous Ducks
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  1. Leg hands
  2. Shoe stuffers
  3. Shin stubs
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AMC's Breaking Bad was a huge TV success and played a large role in the new golden era of television. The Jonas Brothers are a now defunct band but their members continue to crank out the hits.
  1. 1.
    Nick and I are the closest in age of any of the JoBros, so our perspectives on millennial culture and what it means to live in today's America would most likely mesh. I'm a big fan of Jesse and I bet Nick would be too. We'd probably call each other "Bitch!" as a joke because of our love for Jesse Pinkman.
  2. 2.
    I know he's not in the band, but as the youngest Jonas Frankie is probably a pop culture wunderkind. All of those allusions to old westerns? Frankie knows 'em all! Episode dedicated to some kid with cancer? Frankie'll drop some trivia on ya! Seriously, this kid is going places.
  3. 3.
    Kevin AKA the married Jonas, is the oldest of the bunch. He's a family man, so he's definitely got some hot takes on what it's like to provide for a family and be a man. He might not be the most fun to watch AMC's Breaking Bad with, but he's got the insight to make it worth my while.
  4. 4.
    Ugh. Worst Jonas.
This is not a game show! This is a list about Silent Library!
  1. "Silent Cal" Coolidge
    Our 30th president of these United States of America has a widespread reputation for being a man of few words. His presidential decorum would surely help our team earn the big bucks!
  2. Cal Ripken Jr.
    Some of those challenges require physical prowess. Every 90s Kid™ will tell you there's no better athlete than the Iron Man himself.
  3. Calvin Klein
    Misogynistic ads be damned, Calvin Klein knows what the people want and isn't afraid to give it to 'em
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More like carefully curated to show off how cool and interesting me and my friends are, but you get the idea
  1. I love Taco Bell
  2. Crust, Christ, the big C, Faffy, Maria. She'd fuck Ryan Gosling
  3. Tofu tacos! Wow tacos are just great. This is the second taco related picture in this list
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  1. What if I don't like my new job?
  2. What if I don't like my new job and I find another engineering job and I don't like that one either?
  3. Will I die before I have sex again?
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