Celebrity Chefs I'd Share A Bottle of Shiraz With

Love those tannins!
  1. Alex Guarnaschelli
    She's usually the dissenting voice on Chopped, but you just know she's right. This lady is a boss ass bitch. She recently became an Iron Chef and she's so ambitious that her daytime show (which is part of her job) is called Alex's Day Off. Truly an inspiration.
  2. Alton Brown
    A nerd's nerd. AB created what is arguably the greatest Food Network show of all time. His method focused approach to cooking has become my personal approach. Plus, he loves film and has even produced music videos for REM. We just won't talk about what's happening in NC.
  3. Remy
    Gotta add the Lil' Chef himself! This rat has a heart of gold. It's his ratatoullie that makes him famous, but his friends love him for his earnestness and sense of humor.
  4. Giada DeLaurentis
    Recently divorced. Would bang.