1. i fell asleep earlier
    which is the primary reason for my restlessness
  2. i have a weird pain in my right shoulder that's preventing me from getting comfortable
  3. i feel like me staying up this late warrants some type of productivity
    i'm hoping maybe i'll get some type of motivation in the dead of night and then have something to show for
  4. i keep making my way to our text conversation and hovering over the text box
    i don't have anything worthwhile to say to you but i wish i did
  5. there's an animal shuffling back and forth on my roof top
    and i have this theory that he has a favorite stick he takes with him everywhere because i can hear something heavy dragging around every time he runs (idk why it's a he)
  6. there's something peaceful about listening to the sirens head to and from the hospital down the street
    i hated it when i first moved here but it's grown on me
  7. i'm reading other peoples lists
    and trying to draw inspiration for their lives sadly
  8. i'm making plans for tomorrow i probably won't keep
    i want to do my makeup cause i haven't in about a week
  9. did i mention that my shoulder hurts
    cause it does