1. Naps before going out are now essential
  2. You've mentally prepared yourself for months to be out until 6am and you start to get really excited to be going 'out out'
  3. But then that is followed by immediate regret of making this decision
  4. You're already anxious about the night bus home even though the event is 3 weeks away
  5. If someone cancels you're secretly relieved
  6. You wonder how your group of friends who all feel the same about tonight have still managed to peer pressure yourselves into going to an event which was once a good idea
  7. So this is really happening then huh?
  8. You mini fist pump 'yessss, still got it' when they ask for your ID
  10. Security makes this face 😐when they check your ID
  11. But then you hear the music and remember how good it feels and you skank so hard because you're a fucking veteran
  12. your knees start to hurt
  13. You start chatting to some youts dem and they this familiar face 😐 when they find out how old you are
  14. Your knees are still hurting.
  15. You strategically position your back up against the wall or post
  16. You look at the mash up person and are glad that's not you
  17. You look at the mash up person and wish that could be you
  18. You look at the mash up person and remember that used to be you
  19. You check 'how long you've got left'. 11.47pm.... Fuck
  20. You go to the cloakroom 'early' to avoid the queue at the end
  21. FUCK NIGHT BUS. IM GETTING AN UBER. I am a grown ass person, I deserve this luxury
  22. You vow never to leave your bed alone at night again