I collect sunsets

(And sunrises)
  1. Procida sunset (Italy)
    Remembering each breath is a new moment, a new opportunity, a new beginning. Taken at a point of transition in my life where I felt I wanted to be more brave for the first time and be less risk averse. Still working this out.
  2. New Zealand sunrise
    A gorgeous moment with close friends. He took pictures of the milky way at 4am and we were rewarded with this beauty later. Warm, soft memories in my heart.
  3. Sydney, Australia sunset
    A romantic boat cruise with my love on our honeymoon. We had 2.5 weeks of adventure stretching out in front of us.
  4. Sydney, Australia, boat buddies. Sunset.
    I love to people watch and make up stories about their lives. 2 are in deep conversation about the glory of the horizon. 1 is wholly present in that experience.
  5. Frosty sunrise, Berkhamsted, UK
    Melting hearts.
  6. Procida, Italy, port sunrise